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Room 3 
The Whin Sill

This gallery features some examples of work I have been doing recently around Hadrian's Wall.  I now live very near to the Roman wall and, although it is a fascinating subject in itself, what I am primarily interested in is the amazing rock formation on which parts of it are built  -  i.e. the Great Whin Sill.  I don't pretend to know much about the geology of the Whin Sill, I am simply intrigued by the structural patterns it presents to the eye.  Evolved over millions of years, they rise out of the earth in complex, convoluted shapes that sometimes seem almost organic rather than rock-like, and they can change quite dramatically in colour and appearance depending on the different lights and weather conditions.

The pictures in this gallery consist of oils and acrylics on canvas, conte crayon drawings on paper, and mixed media watercolours.

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Whin Sill-18P

Whin Sill-9P

Whin Sill-10P

Whin Sill-13P

Whin Sill-16P

Whin Sill 7P

Whin Sill 8P

Whin Sill-2D

Whin Sill-1D

Whin Sill-17D

Whin Sill-14W

Whin Sill-9W
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